Split Second Decision I

Douglas, a worldwide well-known criminal consultant, spins a web he can no longer control. His antics gets his daughter (Anita – a newly ordained lawyer) and her best friend (Carolyn) kidnapped.

Dante, a Black-market kingpin, seizes the opportunity to reimburse his cash flow and puts the young women up for sale. Anita escapes and returns to find Carolyn with the help of her family and friends.

After Douglas’s untimely death, Dante takes advantage of Anita’s vulnerability and uses her as a pawn in his game – a get out of Jail free card. The battle of wits emerges.

Split Second Decision II

Thinking Anita has won the battle against Dante, she is mysteriously apprehended from her home. Now in Dante’s clutches, she is forced to tour is kingdom and witness his cruel and barbaric ways. But she also observes the struggles, bonding, and triumphs of the captives. Her worst nightmare becomes a reality. She is coerced to fight for and against Carolyn, who Dante has been holding hostage as collateral. Now the game changes: willpower vs. manipulation.